Listeners Corner

Your music helps me begin every day with joy!


I love to listen to Kathlene’s quiet programming at the 2 PM hour—which coincides with my 4 PM tea time. I enjoy KHFM while having tea and a cookie!

Washington DC

I really enjoy listening to the radio, especially your new late night program. I have no internet or TV, so on sleepless nights, I really enjoy the company.


We love your programming: in our apartment or in our car when we’re in Albuquerque; streaming via the app when we’re in Michigan.

Ann Arbor

Our home is enriched every day with the quality programming Alexis, Kathlene, David, Brent and the whole crew at KHFM provide my family and I. Thank you for making this crazy life a little sweeter!


KHFM’s sophistication and variety has been a comfort and a help this year. One sublime moment of Mahler on a fall morning is still with me. Thank you for all you bring to all of us.

Santa Fe

We can all be grateful that KHFM has survived during this year that has so limited our access to music performance. To all of you who have been doing such a great job bringing us great music, thank you!


You say some of us want less talk, more music. Not me. I enjoy the anecdotes and I like knowing there’s a human presence behind the music instead of just a computer. Thanks for being there.


I have been listening to KHFM for years and, like so many other listeners, have so appreciated you during this time. A heartfelt reminder of the beauty of the world. Thank you.

L. Cherie
Santa Fe

The classical music you play is sustenance to the soul……I can’t imagine my day without it, and I have it playing throughout the day, everyday. So grateful and appreciative to all of you at KHFM to provide this beautiful gift to our lives.

Rio Rancho

I am as charmed and delighted with the music as I am with the flawless deliveries of each and every one of the announcers. Brava and Bravo to you.


Your friendly voices and lovely music are so welcome in this time of isolation. You have become friends.

Santa Fe