Listeners Corner

I rely on KHFM for enjoyment, peace of mind, and fun! Thank you!


We love the birds and your morning programming. Also Alexis Corbin!

Judy and Thayer

I enjoy ALL programming. Each is perfectly suited for times and days—don’t change. Thank you!


Your music helps me begin every day with joy!


I’ve been a loyal and daily listener to KHFM for many years now and just wanted to express my thanks to all of you for bringing such wonderful classical music into my life. My husband and I work from home, so from 5:00am to 7:00pm, we have KHFM playing constantly.


I am most grateful for KHFM and that it’s streaming on the internet. My new address has no classical radio stations so it was a delight to find I could continue to listen to you.


Our home is enriched every day with the quality programming the whole crew at KHFM provide my family and I. Thank you for making this crazy life a little sweeter!


KHFM’s sophistication and variety has been a comfort and a help this year. One sublime moment of Mahler on a fall morning is still with me. Thank you for all you bring to all of us.


Classical music radio has always been an oasis for me in amidst the chaotic seas. I’m grateful for your diverse, robust, and lively hosts and selections.


My father used to listen to your channel when he was alive. Thank you for so many amazing memories.


KHFM is always on in my house. I switch it on first thing for my morning coffee. When I travel for work, I tune in with the app, which is great. Thanks for all you do to keep classical music in our community!


I listen through a good portion of the day, and really appreciate the variety of music presented and the background to the pieces as described by the hosts. Keeping up with the local classical calendar is very helpful, thanks!


I have enjoyed listening to KHFM for many years and made it a part of my life! It provides beautiful music and keeps me in the know of what’s happening in the arts and around ABQ.  Keep playing for many years to come.


Classical music has been my constant companion my entire life! Thank you!


I began listening to KHFM in the early 1970s. My career has taken me far from the listening area, but with the advent of the app I can once again enjoy listening to this wonderful station. What makes it even more fun now is telling others I know to tune in from far away and enjoy the classical programming in other states.


I enjoy all the programs; I appreciate the knowledge and professionalism of the announcers. I could listen to David Sinkus read a telephone book—his voice is wonderful.