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KHFM partners with Earthbound Expeditions to plan unique, small group private tours for our listeners. Our tours include musical performances in venues of all sizes—from the grandest concert hall to private salons. We take care of all the details so you can relax and savor the world’s food, culture and history as we go! Each tour has a KHFM host, an experienced host from Earthbound and knowledgeable local guides. Sign up for our newsletters so you’ll be the first to hear when new trips are announced!

  • Spain & Portugal!
    An eleven-day adventure to savor the flavors of Lisbon, Portugal, and the south of Spain awaits. This cultural experience will include tastings of culinary specialties and wine, spectacular architectural and historical tours, a Flamenco performance, Classical concerts, and Fado singing.
    Travel with Brent Stevens
    April 6—16, 2025

    Click the button below for details or call (206) 842-9775.