In the Studio

KHFM’s On-Air Hosts talk to the stars of our concert stages but sometimes there’s just not enough time to hear everything they have to say. Listen to the extended interviews by clicking the on the names below.

Music at St. John’s: Fred Sturm

Glory Gone- A New Immersive Opera

Sandia Heights Artists Tour

Nicholas Brownlee and Brent

Reginald Smith Jr. and Brent

Rolando Villazón and Alexis

Marc Neikrug and Alexis

Quintessence- Matthew Greer and Alexis

Lauren Snouffer and Alexis

Ailyn Pérez and Alexis

Santa Fe International Film Festival- Liesette Bailey and Alexis

Lidiya Yankovskaya and Brent

Raehann Bryce-Davis and Brent

Zachary Nelson and Brent

Harry Bicket and Brent

Samantha Hankey and Brent

Leah Hawkins and Brent

Conductor Thomas Guggeis and Brent

Reginald Smith, Jr. and Brent

Nicholas Brownlee and Brent