Music HERstory – Focus on Women’s History Month

For so many years, classical music was a male-dominated industry. If women had any participation in classical music, it was as entertainment for the family, on the operatic stage, or as teachers. Often, as was the case with the Mendelssohn family, the work of women composers was published under a male name and given credit to a man. And although there were a few instances of women in symphony orchestras in the nineteen-teens, it was not until the 1960’s that women were widely allowed to audition and become a part of the orchestral roster. In the case of the city of Vienna, that did not happen until the 1980’s! Thank heavens times have changed and now we have talented women rising to the top of the classical music industry.

Historically there have been women who were every bit as talented as their male counterparts in composition, performance and conducting. In the next four weeks I will hopefully educate you about and inspire some interest in these women and their vital work in the fields of classical music. Please join me for the exploration on a regular basis. And if you have any women you would particularly like highlighted, I would love to hear from you at