Monthly Programs

The Choral Hour

Hosted by Kathlene Ritch
Third Wednesday of Every Month at 9am

Replays the following Friday at 7pm

The Choral Hour explores music created for the most fundamental of instruments—the human voice. Join host Kathlene Ritch for a series highlighting choral music through the ages as performed by top professional choirs from around the United States, and around the world. If you love singing, or simply enjoy listening to voices combine in pure harmony, this is the program for you.

American Classical Voices

Hosted by Renata Yazzie
Third Thursday of Every Month at 6pm

Diné musicologist and pianist Renata Yazzie hosts American Classical Voices, an exploration of the work and personal experiences of Indigenous classical musicians. This program provides listeners with a unique opportunity to discover new music by living composers, including many radio premieres.

The Music from the Americas

Hosted by Dr. José Luis Hurtado
First Friday of Every Month at 6pm

Enjoy a selection of the most representative music and finest musicians of North and Latin America of all periods and styles, mainly Baroque, Classical, and Nationalistic but also Jazz, Traditional, and even New Music. Learn about the origins of these musics, their social context, and their impact on cultural identity. Witness conversations with artists and special guests. Discover a vast, beautiful, and unique sound world full of life and color, inhabited by pieces and composers that you will rarely find elsewhere.